Neighborhood Changes

My local barbershop is closing and they're putting in a juice bar. The sheet music store closed and they put in a cell phone store with a big sign that says 'WIRELESS' in giant super bright neon letters. The deli on the corner closed they're starting to gut it. Not sure what's going in there. The wacky toy store where I get gifts for my nephews is closing its doors and going online. Some other offbeat stores are putting up big sales signs. 50% off. Stuff like that.

Hipstery bars are popping up here and there along with restaurants and stuff like that. The bar down the street with the good jukebox that was my favorite has been taken over by a younger crowd and now I feel old when I'm there :-(

I guess it's good when there's progress and neighborhoods are getting fixed up and stuff. But I liked my local deli guy who sold milk that always tasted weird and had a cat in the store that sat in a little mini easy chair in the corner And the toy store that was loaded up a clutter of weird toys to the point where it was a giant narrow maze. And my barber guy who always had friends in there and they'd argue about Iraq or football or J.Lo.

When I first got here it was all a-buzzing and transforming which was coolio. And now that change has been set in motion I know I'll adjust fine. But I don't want no juice bar! I don't like orange-ginger-celery-apple juice! I want my barbershop! I don't want stupid wireless store! And I don't want to feel all old in the bar with the good jukebox!

And eventually, above everything else.... I don't want to get priced out of my own frickin neighborhood.

ok bye!