Dang Mothra!

So today I had to go to a funeral unfortunately and so I had to put on a suit. It's been a while since I've put on a suit. I have three of em. One is nice but the pants are sort of highwatery. One is a little tight but wearable (depending how closely you look at stuff). But the third suit is my good suit. It's like cool with three buttons and it looks good and stuff. It's the only suit I really ever wear whenever I have to do anything suitwise.

Anyway, a few months ago I opened my closet door and I saw a moth flying around in there. I was like, 'Mothra!' what are you doing in there? I knew that moths ate clothes and stuff but I've never had an actual moth situation. So I ran out to the CVS and bought mothballs. I assumed all I needed to do was open up the box like baking soda and just stick it in the closet to get rid of the moths. But on reading the directions I saw that it was much more involved. The mothball people gave me warnings up and down about how I shouldn't touch them or munch on them or breathe them cause they'll kill me dead lickity split. Clothing had to be like packed away with mothballs. Or in those hangy bag things or whatever. All of a sudden the whole thing became a 'project'. So I decided to wing it by putting a plastic cup with a halfdozen mothballs up in my closet and shutting the door.

My big closet is also in my living room so of course soon enough my whole place smelled like mothballs.  Even though I like the smell, I realized the cup of balls wasn't smart. So I dumped it out and threw the mothballs away and forgot about the whole thing and mothra and all that.

So today I go to get suited up and take out my good suit and look at one of the sleeves. Arrgh! A big hole was eaten right into the sleeve of my good suit! It was all tattery! Dang Mothra! Mothra just couldn't eat highwater suit or tootight suit! He had to pick my one good suit and chomp it up! Dang you Mothra! Now I'm all worried about the work that mothra is doing (or done did) in my closet... and the work it might take to deal with the friggin situation.

ok bye!