Birkenstocks: Yay or Nay?

So now that it's getting warmer out I'm having shoe issues. I have some summer choices. Flip flops or boat shoes or my birkenstocks. The birkenstocks are comfortable and I wear them but sometimes they get a bad reaction from people. I'm not sure because my feet are gorky size 13 and hairy or because birkenstocks are dorky or too granola or whatever. Some people are big fans of the birkenstocks- but I just read in a magazine that chicks don't like dudes with sandals on. Is it a horrible call? It's not like I'll wear black socks with them but I feel like I wear them sometimes people look at my feet and think thoughts.

I'll keep wearing them because I like them but I guess but I'm curious to know if they're something that are right to wear or not. So here is a picture of my feet in my birkenstocks. Please vote (below pic) so I know when I'm wearing them what percentage of people think it's a bad call.

ok bye!


Birkenstock Poll
Should I be wearing these?

Uch! No!
Depends. I'll post my comments on the next page.