Olestra Warning Removal Information

So I've been trying to stop eating so many potato chips and stuff because my face is fat again, so today I bought me some of them Wow! Chips. I've eaten them before and they've never really messed me up but I'm always a little scared of them. Mainly due to the warning label on the package that said something along the lines of 'may cause anal leakage'. Gross. 100%. I remember being amazed that Frito-Lay lawyers weren't strong enough to keep that phrase off their food packaging. It's just not a selling point. So while I'm snacking on the chips I decide to read the warning and I noticed something... No more warning!.  No where. Where'd it go?

Do Wow! chips no longer cause issues for people? I got curious. How'd they get the horribleness off the bag? So, I pick up the phone number and call the Frito-Lay people to find out what happened with the Olestra warning. While munching chips I get a friendly Frito-Lay person on the phone and I'm like, 'Hey! What's up? No more anal leakage with the Olestra or what?' She told me that they found out that the amount of people who got the problem with Olestra was such a few percentage that they no longer have to put the warning label on the package. She was really nice about it and stuff. So I said, 'Ok' and hung up the phone ate more chips.

Wow! chips tasted ok and I didn't get messed up but warning or no warning that original warning was burned into my brain permanent like that I'll always look at the Wow! chips sideways because I always think they're planning a sneak attack after the snack attack.

So that was that with that. Just fyi.

ok bye!