Red Radio Spiders

So my horrible timex alarm clock radio sucks superbad and picks up literally a few FM stations on the whole dial (i guess it rounds up by tens or something) so I've been using my shower radio in the morning to lie in bed and listen to Howard Stern until I get up.  Yesterday I went to pee then grabbed the radio out of the shower and put it on my nightstand and went in and out of sleep while listening. Anyway I slowly start waking up and I was just was staring at the radio. And I noticed something weird. It was sort of hazy but I thought I could see things moving inside of the speaker.

I sort of just assumed it was me being sleepy with weird eyes or whatever and whatevered it. But then I kept looking and kept feeling like I saw something moving. Something little and red. So finally I grab the radio and look into the speaker and I see a bunch of little tiny red spiders crawling around in and out of the radio speaker. Teeny tiny red spiders! I freaked out! The radio was next to my friggin head! Some mornings I just put radio on my bed! Next to my pillow! I freaked out and threw the radio in the trash. What the hell were they? I don't want to know at all. How'd they get in the radio? Did they come all the way from wherever the radio was made? Damp shower mold bugs? Have they been there the whole time? Are they in my ears now? Are they the FCC? If they're from the damp shower situation how'd they get there in the first place? What are they?!

I don't know. I don't want to know. The horror... the horror....

ok bye!