TV Development

So I'm unemployed.... again.

The news of the day is Comedy Central is no longer producing my TV show. Yeah they pulled the plug. Sorry if this is disappointing. I know it would have been coolio to see stuff on the tv. And it's still possible it could turn up somewhere else. We'll see.

The good news is I'm actually ok with it! Really and truly and goodly. I guess having a tv show cancelled before it even makes it to the tv sorta sucks- but this happened about a week ago and I've felt better this week than I've felt in the last six months. And I believe things happen (or don't happen) for a reason.

The truth is I feel more comfortable here... than there. And I like making cartoons more here... than there.  And I like being in my apartment screwing around and just figuring out what I'm gonna do next. For months I've been heading into an office alot and it's been like... a job. And not a particularly good situation. That's why it's been kinda quiet round these parts. It's not been easy for me. 

So the good news is I'm home and happy and I'm finishing up the new game (starring Mep) and working on two new toons that have been on hold because I've been running amok. They'll be done soonish as always.  So things are getting back to "normal". I'm gonna work on getting a dog (maybe settle for a turtle). Work on new goodies. Work on new stuff. And do what it is that I like to do whatever that is which is what I do best. And I'm psyched to find out what might be.. right around the corner.

Anyway, what it comes down to is this website has given me a new life. Three years ago I was making a living as a sales guy wishing I could make a living as a cartoonist. Right now in one way or another I'm still making a living (sorta) as an unemployed cartoonist-- and there's something so big about that to me. I can't complain. How could I? 


Sooooo... what the fruck happened, you ask? Good question! Well, the main problem was Mep! He had a major attitude problem and pissed off the execs with his demands and crazy contract riders! He would go mental and complain about the temperature of the bottled water. And the brand. He kept stealing things. And calling meetings then not showing up. He insisted on having some weird "language coach" who was stoned all the time. He'd change his name or  insist that everyone address him as Mister Mep then change it back without telling anyone and get mad when people called him by his old new name. But beyond the issues with Mep, it's really a long story with me and tv land- but things happen. And they did. I did my best and was happy with the work I did. It just didn't work out.

But rest assured the tv show that was being made was not the one you would have been happy to see. Nor me. Nor Comedy Central. Sorry to give ya the tv news. But I'm honestly happy to be home again. 

ok bye!


PS. here's some pics from today! walked around and hadda nice day :-)