Shower Spaz

I have a really small plastic shower. It's called DuraStall. It sucks. Here it is along with some stuff I pointed out:

Yeah DuraStall. Sucks. Whatever.

Today I was in there around noon to scrub up and shave and all that. I was set on taking a nice long relaxing shower thing. It was really nice until halfway thru my shave. I totally spazzed for a split second and went sideways on me and slashed myself under my chin. Triple razor. Triple cut. Ow. Dagnamit! I put the razor in a coffee cup and went to look in the shower mirror at the damage. As I looked up in the mirror I knocked the coffay cup off the rail and it landed right on my friggin big toe. It hit rim first and hurt like mofo. I was double pissed now. Next I bent down to pick up the coffay cup and on the way back up I totally whomped my head under the handrail. That made me so frickin mad I got blurry. Crazy. One eye was twitching. Why the hell do I have a handrail anyway! What's with this DuraStall! I wanted smash and hit and smash something but I was all claustrophobic trapped in this plastic tube! There was no where to hit and smash! I knew if I did go mental in there with the smashing and hitting I could see the whole thing just friggin falling over and pipes bursting and spraying and that would be too much of a capper to have happen.

So I had to stand there all naked and steam in the steam and calm down from my bleeding chin cut, bruised toe and bumped head and marveled about how easy my mood shifted from pleasant and relaxed to super tense and super pissed all 0-60.

Oh well. Better luck next time.

Here's another picture of my DuraStall. Grrr.

ok bye!