Tuna Fish Fallout

So I eat tuna sandwiches alot. I make my tuna with mayonnaise and I eat it with crackers. I also like to have pickled tomatoes and lime flavored tostitos on the side. But recently me and tuna haven't been getting along. Last week I opened up a can of tuna (Bumblebee Solid White in water is my brand) and it smelled really bad. Like too strong and fishy. I figured it was a fluke can and chucked it out. Then I opened up another can. It smelled just as bad. Like gross fishy gross ew. I chucked it out too and ate a peanut butter and jelly. I wrote it off as whatevery.

Anyway I bought some more bumblebee the other day and today I decided to have tuna for lunch. I opened up a can and it smelled so bad I couldn't believe it. I threw it in the garbage and tried another can (by the way as I'm cranking open this second can with my can-opener, I sort of slip and the can jolts in my hand and spurts some tuna fish juice right in my face and on my glasses. I had just gotten out of the shower and was so horrified that I actually got back in the shower to wash my face off. Then I went back to the tuna) This can didn't smell quite so bad as the first but still kinda bad. I figured the smell had to be in my head and made the tuna. I put my crackers and pickled tomatoes on the side and sat down to watch tv.

I take a bite out of the tuna and it doesn't taste great to me. Somehow too fishy or whatever. Texture a little weird. But I push my way to another bite and while chewing it I bite down on something hard in there. Like a little piece of fish bone or whatever. I gag and totally spit out the sandwich (like the caviar in Big) and chuck the whole sandwich in the trash.

So what does this mean? Am I done with tuna now? I'm definitely done with Bumblebee Solid white cause it's over between us. Especially after it spurted fish juice in my friggin face out of spite. Next time I go out I guess I'll try another brand but I get the feeling they're all going to smell bad now. Maybe I've developed some super dog smelling power or something. That I would be cool maybe I guess but maybe not.

Anyway, I'll give one more brand a chance but if it smells weird... tuna and me?... done and done.

ok bye!


PS. Here are some pics.