More Pictures!

This guy was in Washington Square park. He was dressed like that. There's Spongebob on his jacket.

These guys were chilling out there. Not sure who's who.

Union Square. There was a pair of boots with a name tag for each soldier killed in Iraq. Not sure what the docksiders are for...
(*someone wrote in to let me know that the regular shoes are for civilians)

This guy in Union Square was grabbing alot of attention with his sign..

Cause his whole sign said that.

I slipped in and marched down the street with these guys for a while. They gave me a t-shirt.

The MSNBC set in Herald Square. That's Keith Olbermann back there. I got a t-shirt there too.



Some more cops...

And even more cops...

And then this guy again.

That's it!

ok bye!