Plumber Time

So my toilet got all stopped up.

(Long oversharing story short, someone sold me on the idea of keeping baby wipes around in the bathroom for a little extra something something for that not so fresh feeling sometimes. If you catch my drift. Anyway, I decided it didn't sound like a bad idea and bought a box of baby wipe something or other. I felt weird buying baby wipes and I do realize there's something wrong feeling about it or whatever (I happily discovered that there's ones made for adults now. Like these which I haven't tried yet.)

Anyway, apparently I didn't buy the right flushable kind. After the fact (of course) I saw in big letters on the box it said 'NOT FOR TOILETS. DO NOT FLUSH.' which of course I read too late. And it made things bad down there and clogged the works and I had to call a plumber.

He showed up today and snaked my toilet and lickity split everything was fine. Here was here for about 15 minutes and it cost $125. Plumbers make good monay I guess. Also, I thought it must be kinda of nice to show up to do a job and it actually gets completely done 100% in 15 minutes. I don't think I've ever had that experience.

We said our goodbyes and I gave him a jar of salsa (because my new official Hot Sauce provider sent me a ton of salsa and stuff) which he was psyched about....  and off he went to plumb elsewhere.

And that was that.

ok bye!


PS I realize this whole writing was sorta dopey. And I realize it also was dopey throwing stupid stuff down the toilet but I'm in a dopey mood today and apparently it shows!

PPS. This reminded me of a story a friend of mine told me a while ago. He was just starting a new job and went into one of the bathroom stalls. When he flushed he said the water went up and up and up and he was like no! no! no! and finally it went over the top spilling all over the floor...and it didn't stop. Water kept flowing. There was someone sitting in the stall next door who saw gross water seeping on the floor toward him and yelled, 'Hey! What the f**k!' And my friend pulled up his pants and just got the hell out of there as to toilet continued to gush water everywhere.

The End