Quick Mystery of the Gross Stuff on my Fridge Handle

So today I went to get a Diet Dr. Pepper out of the fridge and the fridge handle felt weird. I looked at it and saw this.

Gross!!! What the fruck was all over my fridge handle! It looked like some mold or alien stuff somehow grew all over it! How did I not notice something this horrible growing there?! Was I that blind? Look at it!!!

Gross! I was like... What the hell is that?!! I ran to the sink and washed my hands with the antibacterial soap looking over my shoulder half-expecting to see this stuff grow all over my fridge.  Was it some kind of crazy supermold? It must have grown in fast. I was disturbed that I touched it. Why was it just on the handle like that? Why not the top handle too? Or on the fridge? Did it come off my hand somehow?!? EW! Was I corroded and grody!?

I decided to bust out my Tilex and fight the mold or mildew or whatever the hell it was. I spritzed on the Tilex... . And nothing happened. I expected it to look like a mold extinguisher- but the mystery mold just sat there. I wiped it with a paper towel and it wasn't even like wipe-awayable. It was stuck there!  I got out my Fantastik. It said right on the bottle that it kills 99.9% of viruses. I spritzed that stuff all over it. Apparently this crud was in the .1% because Fantastik didn't make a dent in this stuff! Ew!

What the hell was it? I freaked out. I got really disturbed that I touched it. Was I gonna have to call the friggin EPA??! 

A friend of mine called while I was midpanic and I freaked out to them on the phone explaining the situation. Mid-rant, I looked down at the floor and saw this thing half sticking out from under the fridge...

Duh!  You know what this friggin thing is...

The friggin COVER to the fridge handle!! (Who knew it had a cover?) I wasn't infected at all! I wasn't blind to disgusting stuff! It was just gross glue! The thing just friggin fell off!

I calmed myself down, got out my scotch tape, fixed the thing, got my Diet Dr. Pepper-- and relaxed on the couch to recover from my mental freakout over a big friggin nothing situation. Mystery solved. ..

My dopiness, however, still remains a mystery.

ok bye!