Puppy Here Now*

Ok so I got a puppy!! He lives here now! His name is Roscoe. (I planned on doing a Name My Dog poll on the site but I've been so behind with things trying to put my new computer together (still on the stupid laptop) and doing the Beatlie contest and actually having a dog around that I fell really behind with stuff). In the meantime the puppy told me his name was Roscoe. So that was that.

For a while now my landlord hasn't been into the idea of me having a dog- but I'd bring up the idea from time to time that I still wanted one and lately he seemed to be buckling. So when I got an email from a friend of mine who had a friend who had a dog trainer friend that had a puppy available I forwarded that email to my landlord (as a 'still want one' reminder) and he wrote back, 'Go take a look.' I was psyched. I got a paw in the door!

One thing led to another and now Roscoe is here and he lives in my apartment. He's a terrier type dog I guess. A friend told me, 'He looks like a Tibetan Windhound...' so I'm willing to say that's what breed he is. (Btw I type this email he's literally plucking at my electric guitar getting surprised when he hears noise. The guitar is laying on the floor. Cute level is ridiculous.) He's been here for a few days and I like him alot.

One great thing about him is he's sorta mellow. That's why I liked him right away. Yeah he plays and stuff and runs amok. He likes this a squeaky frog in particular. When he tackles it he does a somersault. But when it's time for me to relax (which is pretty often)  he's totally up for it. He likes to lay on my trunk like this.

People suggested I should 'crate him' but considering my kitchen is the size of a crate I just lock him in there at night with this barricade I made out of stereo speakers, a picture frame and chairs. 

I've had to reinforce it a bit because he's busted out a couple times but now it's pretty much lockdown. He whines a little at first when I put him in there but nothing too seriously heartwrenching and then he stops. (btw that's not a doodylog. That's a chewy bone. And the pipe is covered cause it gets real hot sometimes.)

In terms of 'pee pee' and 'doody' he's been pretty smart. Going at 75% on the wee wee pads which is great grade in my book (in school I'd always shoot for 75s) These wee wee pads are the hidden big extra expense with puppies I think. I'm trying to transfer him over to newspaper but he likes shredding it more than pooping on it. In terms of pee pee I got this spray (yes I was a sucker for the upsell at the petstore. Puppy kong, toys, treats, a bed, even a doggie dental care thing like a dope. I drew the line at the door gate and went with the homemade barricade which seems to be working out sorta nicely actually) Anyway, I spray the spray on the wee wee pad and it seem to set him off peepee-wise.

Anyway, Roscoe seems to like me. He follows me around. I'll do my bestest to take care of him. He seems like a nice guy. Not some dickhead roommate who drinks all your milk or never buys ketchup or whatever. Although he pees on the floor sometimes (years ago roommate of mine peed all over his laundry when he was drunk and woke up in the middle of the night..) I think he's gonna fit in just fine around here.

It's nice to be sitting at my computer like I do all day and turn around and see this guy. (I know he's way too cute but whatever) The vet said he's too young to go outside because he hasn't had all his shots. So we'll both be cooped up in here for a while. In terms of exercise (besides fighting with frog and monkey) I run back and forth in my apartment with my arms waving. Back and forth, back and forth, backforth ...and he chases my feet. Which is cool because we both get exercise... Except I'm not sure what my neighbors across the way must think because he's below the window view and I think all they see is some bald nutter laughing and running back and forth in his apartment with his arms waving.

ok bye!


PS New computer will be set up by monday so I'll be back on track with updates and everything else...

PPS Clarification: I guess I wasn't clear on stuff about going outside. Yes I will be bringing the puppy outside but according to the vet until he has his next round of shots he should be staying inside for the next few weeks. Other contact with dogs, dirty streets, and blah blah blah could be bad. Also I am training him on paper now but eventually he's gonna learn to only go outside (I hope...)