Robot Rant

I'm sick of robots acting like they care! Or acting like they're friendly! Or they're sorry! Or they're just casual! F robots!

Like the other day I was at a cash machine and the language was all friendly and unrobot-like. It was like,'Sure!' and 'No problem' 'I am happy to help you!' You are not happy to help! You are a robot! And you're not an I either, robot! Stop with the chatter! Stop acting like I'm on IM with you! What's next? brb when you go off to process? Creepy!

And another thing! Since when did 411 information decide it was better to put robots on the front lines. Does this sound like it's helpful?! And if they have to use em just let them be a robot. Be robotic with me! With a robot voice! Not some pretend chick! I can take it. Simple requests! "Please repeat that." "You will be transferred." And don't even bother thanking me! I know it's totally insincere! You're a robot!

Oh and another thing! I recently had to get a new home telephone number because I tried to switch over to Vonage and ended up getting in a big fight with them and sort of lost my phone number in the divorce. (Long story I'll type it up later) And the new phone number apparently was pretty public so all day I get calls from robots! Friendly mortgage type robots being all... Hello, my name is John Johnson (No it's not, robot disguised as human!!) ...and I am calling to interest you in a home mortgage...blah blah.... Sometimes I can't even tell if it's really a robot! So I always interrupt with, 'Are you a robot?' to double check. And when the robot doesn't respond and keeps talking over me, I slam the phone right down hard (well actually click the phone off hard) but I hang up right in that robot's fruckin metal face!

Anyway, no more friendly cheerful robots! No more personalities! Don't you see this is how the takeover starts! It's just like what happened in V! Just like V!! ... umm... except with ...robots...

ok bye!