So my dog makes poop in my apartment which takes a little getting used to.

He's pretty good with hitting the paper most of the time which I'm thankful for- but dealing with poop ain't easy. Mainly because poop is way gross and super gaggy smelly (surprisingly so). But also because it's so foreign. Roscoe can't go outside till May 4th (his next round of shots) so we're stuck with paper training with the pee and poop till then.

Anyway, for the past week after Roscoe pooped I really didn't know what to do with it. I'd put it in a trash bag but it would still smell. So I put the trash bag in the hallway. But then the hallway would smell. So then I put the poop in the freezer so it wouldn't smell up the place. But then I'd just have these poopsicles which were gross but tasted surprisingly good. (That's not true.) But I thought about putting the plastic bag on the fire escape so at least it would just be outta here. I just couldn't figure out how to deal with it. I live on the 4th floor so bringing it downstairs to the trash is a bit of a hike.

So I've been considering various options. Like maybe getting one of those diaper disposal thing or whatever. Maybe some airtight something or other... maybe some pulley system or... maybe a triple bag situation... or ... a fire escape catapult... or...

Then it dawned on me... Dope! Put the poop... in the toilet! Then flush the toilet! Dummy!

It took me like a week to think of that. That's how fast my brain works. But fortunately it works out well now... most of the time.

I'd still like the catapult tho.

ok bye!


PS Whenever I go and pee Roscoe tries to get in there to see what's going on and I have to push him away while peeing- so now I just sit down to pee like a girl. Times are a-changin...

PPS. Uch! There's another moth in my apartment. I gotta go chase it down...