Dog Toy Terribleness

So I've been buying lots of dog toys and I've noticed that some things work and some things don't work. Like squeaky things work. Puppy kong toy sort of works. But the peanut flavored thing was a flop. So was the thing with the jingle.

Anyway, the other day I was out buying stuff and I got Roscoe this plastic bouncy bone toy thing that you can put treats inside of. There's small holes for the treats to come out of. The theory is when the dog plays with the toy it will occasionally spit out a treat and be all fun or whatever. The problem was the treats were too big for the hole. And no matter how much he played with it-  it would never spit out a stupid treat. So a fun toy all of a sudden became a cruel toy because puppy can smell the treats but can't get at them at all.

So I got mad at the toy and the treats (which the lady in the store said were small enough to spill out! liar!) --so to get the treats small enough to spill out I got my hammer and I smashed up the treats inside the rubber toy so they were all crumbly. After they were all crunched up I got Roscoe and showed it to him and then threw the toy across my apartment.

The reason I'm a dope is I crushed the treats up way too much and basically as soon as the toy hit the ground it scattered treats all over the friggin place and as it bounced along dog treat crumblies were flying everywhere. When it rolled to a stop my living room was covered in crumbs. Roscoe went nuts snuffing them up and stuff while I stood there feeling like a dope shaking my head.

Then after Roscoe ate em all up he brought the toy back to me right away--  and looked at me like, 'Again?'

ok bye!