Family Trip

I headed down to the Amish country with my family this past weekend. We stayed on a farm and here's some stuff I saw:



Creepy Exxon Guy

Electric Fence



All in all it was a coolio trip and great to get away. Totally overdue. I needed a break from all this techno stuff with the city living and all that. It was fun to be out in the air and looking at weird big animals and hanging out with my nephews and seeing stuff through their eyes. Alot of weird stuff goes on out yonder and a bunch of other weird things happened (like the woman who was hunting snakes with a shotgun, and the waitress who quit before we got our check, and seeing an Amish dude all wasted driving his buggy all drunk and crashing it straight into the side of the 7-11 then he got in fist fight with the 7-11 guy while this hot amish chick was screaming at him to stop then the cops came and the amish dude just took off running on foot and the cops were firing shots in the air telling him to stop and then.... ) Ok that didn't happen but it would have totally been coolio to see.

Anyway, if you're in the city take a trip out to the country for three days and if you're in the country take a trip to the city for three days. It'll give you a chance to see how the weirdness on the other side lives. And three days should be plenty before you're ready to go home.

ok bye!