Puppy Mouth Gambling

So at some point Roscoe (my puppy) decided everything on the street is edible. He's like a little Hoover and every ten feet we have to stop because Roscoe will be chewing on something he picked up off the sidewalk. So we stop and I try to pry open his puppy jaws to see what he's got in there. Will it be a stick? Will it be an old tissue? Maybe it's something else. What's it gonna be?

So it's become a game for us (me). He picks something up and I try to guess what it is. Sort of like playing craps. But instead of shaking dice over my shoulder being like "Gimme a seven... Lucky seven!"-- I'm trying to get into a puppy's mouth and guess what he's got in there.

I fumblewrestle around Roscoe's mouth while he bobs and weaves away making a grunting noise. I hold him by his harness trying to get in there guessing what it might be. I'm thinking stick! Gimme a stick... daddy is betting on a stick... cmon stick... cmon STICK!.... Dags. Plastic spoon. Walk walk walk. Chew chew chew. Ok what's next whaddaya we got? I'm thinking leaf.. .. Seems light and crunchy! I'm thinking leaf... c'mon leaf! c'mon LEAF!.... Dags. Shrimp tail. Ok what's next...Whaddaya we got. Uh oh. It's mushy... It seems mushy!...No! Please don't be poop.... please lord... don't  let it be poop.... please don't be POOP! YES! OLD GRAPE! OLD GRAPE! WINNAH! WINNAH!

ok bye


PS. More pics later this week. I gotta remember to buy batteries for the camera... gotta remember to buy batteries. Note to self: Buy batteries.

PPS. Whoa just noticed this milestone type thing. This is What's Happening #400. Jeez louise....