Dog Park Outing

Roscoe wakes up from a nap to think he's going for a normal walk.

He heads down the steps which he finally learned how to do without freaking out. He had issues with going down steps for a while.

He still does his refusal to walk thing. Because he pretends he's the boss.... but he's not the boss... I'm the boss! Who's on a leash? Not the boss!

We took a cab to dog park because it's a couple miles away... And it was hot out... And I want Roscoe to be full playing strength... And OK! I'M LAZY OK!? (Yes, we did walk back from dog park.)

Here's the dog park. It's like the biggest one in the city I think. I think they should really fence in those hedges because dogs run through onto the highway all the time. Seems irresponsible for a dog park.

Dog park rules. Learn it. Know it. Live it.

Just kidding bout the no fence by the highway. The place is safe. Off Roscoe goes!

Roscoe joins in with the big dogs. The ball flinger that kid has is the latest craze in flingers.

Roscoe proudly explains to a friend how to dig a hole-- the friend is nice enough not to explain to Roscoe that digging a hole ain't rocket science.

Roscoe gets jooked by the little guy.

Roscoe sniffs out some paper bag that he mistook for a hedgehog or something.

Hot chicks hanging out in dog park. Roscoe is a good icebreaker but the chicks only want to talk to Roscoe.

Ok so we leave dog park to head on home.

Roscoe stops to do the math on the poop he just made. $250 per log. Daddy picks up the poop with a ball flinger and hucks it into a convertible that passes by. We run away.

We walk home. (I cut my finger while cutting the cheese a couple days ago.)

Roscoe relaxes out in his weird place half in/half out the bathroom. He'll stay here for like three hours only taking breaks to stretch.

And that's that!

ok bye!