Dog Dressup Question

So a friend sent me a raincoat for Roscoe. Here's Roscoe wrestling trying to get it off of him.

So here's the question:

I'm sure Roscoe would get used to the raincoat after a while... but do ever I want my dog wearing a raincoat? It don't seem right.

It does make sense for him to wear one when it's raining hard because Roscoe comes back stinky if he walks in the pouring rain. And he shakes water everywhere when he gets back inside. But if he's wearing a raincoat... that means... umm... I'm the guy walking his dog wearing raincoat! Is it wrong for me to dress my dog? Is it unmanly to fuss with clothing... for a dog? Or is it extra-manly to say screw it! I don't care what people think! If I don't want some gross wet dog in my apartment I'll do what I gotta do! Or is dressing my dog in a raincoat really one step away from putting booties on him too? Also if it's winter time does he need a sweater? Or does he not need one because he's a dog!

What the dilly with the dog dressup? It doesn't seem like something I should be doing. I mean if my dog is wearing clothing does it demagnitize the chick magnet hook of having a dog? Plus will it make him wimpy to be all done up in an outfit? Will other dogs make fun? Or am I just being a dope?

So I'll leave it up to y'all with this poll:

Dog Dress
Is it ok to dress Roscoe in clothing?

Yes of course it's ok! It's your dog!
No way, dude! Dressing dogs ain't right!
If the weather is extreme it's ok. Like hurricaining or whatever. Other than that no way!
Sweaters are ok. Raincoats are not.
Raincoats are ok. Sweaters or not.
This poll is dumb. Dogs are dumb.

ok bye!