My Journeys to the Land of Dreamery

So I've sort of developed a new habit. Like whenever I get stressed or bored or happy or hungry or lazy or busy or anxious or angry or mental or excited, I've been visiting the Dreamery at Coney Island. Many times a day lately. Unfortunately the frequent visits to the Dreamery has been making my face sorta round again. But I simply can't help myself. The sweet siren calls of Dreamery reach out for me and hand me a ticket. Admit one. Me. And I enter.

How could I possibly resist the climbing mountains of chocolate! If someone says, 'Hey! Wanna float down a caramel river?' What's my answer to that? No? Of course not! It's yes! Yes! I would! Of course I want to float down a caramel river! In fact when I get down to the end of the river I might head right back up to the top and take the trip two times in a row! If you add onto that a great ride in a giant chocolate covered waffle cone!? It's a done deal as far as I'm concerned! I'm there! Coney Island! I hear the carnival music just around the corner as I sit at my computer? All day! There's a whole other world just a step away! Just hanging out in my fridge!

And as I eat straight from the pint, I read the side of the carton and smile as the carnival music drifts into the room and the swirls of caramel lift me off my feet and set me adrift down the caramel river mmm... off to the Land of Dreamery. Where everything is just delightful and perfect... (except for my face. My face is as big as a basketball.) Other than that! The Dreamery is blissful and sweet. Fun and exciting... .... Ahh... dreamery... How thee calls to.... umm.... thee....!

ok bye!


Here's a picture of Roscoe! And a picture of the Dreamery below...

ahh... the Land of Dreamery...