Roscoe's Escape

So when I take Roscoe out I open the my apartment door and let him follow me down the stairs then put his leash on before we head out. Sometimes he gets hung up on one of the flights smelling stuff or whatever so I have to call him to come down. To get him going once in a while I'll open the door and show him outside so he remembers that's why he's on the stairs. When he gets to the bottom I put his leash on and off we go. There's a gate at the bottom of the front steps so it seemed pretty secure.

But the other day Roscoe came running down the steps toward me just as a dog outside was passing by and Roscoe raced right between my legs then sneaked through the gate and started running down the sidewalk by himself. In Brooklyn! I like totally freaked out. I was calling for him but every time I went to actually chase him he'd keep running like we were playing the game we play in dog park. I was like in a total panic. It's not the busiest street in the world but Roscoe was free! Outside! My heart was racing! I didn't know what to do.

Finally I yelled to some woman to grab my dog and she stopped him no problem. When I caught up to Roscoe I gave him one of the stern finger in the face long lectures that you know the dog can't comprehend for a second. I felt really guilty for the rest of the day. If anything happened to him I'd probably pack up my stuff and move to China and go work in a shoe factory to forget everything and stuff. So for now on (I promise) I'll always keep the front door closed when Roscoe is off the leash totally. Lesson learned.

And btw thank you lordy lord in heaven. I promise to get back on the stick with the praying and the worshipy thing because I forgot how much you hook me up sometimes... if you actually deal with that sort of stuff... which I'll assume you might... for the hell of it.

ok bye!