My Dog Pees Like a Girl

It's official. Roscoe pees like a girl. He squats. No leg lifting. For a while he seemed to start to get interested in the leg lift peeing on stuff but never whole heartedly. He'd sorta lift his leg on stuff a little but just as a sort of novelty thing it seemed. Like a balance game. But I guess lifting his leg kept him from his real pee pee passion-- peeing down into street grates. Like the grates on the sidewalk.. He likes peeing down in them. Everyone who sees Roscoe pee down a grate seems to really appreciate it. They look at me like all noddingly like I actually trained my dog to pee down into a grate to avoid his pee being all over the street. But I didn't train him to do that. It's just a weird thing he does. Like peeing off the top of a mountain on the street or something.

But I'd really prefer Roscoe lift his leg to pee. Not because I feel unmanly by my dog peeing like a girl. Whatever with that. But because when he pees like a girl he's more inclined to pee on his front paws. Then he comes back here and jumps on my bed with his pee pee paws. And that I don't like. So lately I've been trying to get his leg going by like kicking it up a little while he's peeing. But he shoots a look back at me like, 'Hey! Kick my leg later! I'm peeing right now!' Like he doesn't get it or something.

Maybe he's just a weirdo dog. I dunno. Maybe it's common. I dunno. I googled 'My dog pees like a girl' but there was no real info there. Maybe he's just a late pee pee bloomer. He's gonna be 7 months so maybe it just takes some time for some dogs. But recently while I was at the vet I asked when the leg lift pee thing usually kicks in. She was like, 'It hasn't yet?' I was like, 'Uh oh. My dog pees like a girl!' Oh well. At least it's not on my floor anymore.

ok bye!