Photos From Caly

Hey! Here's some pictures from my 4 day trip to LA! I'll type up some caly stories as the week goes on but here's this for now and stuff...

This is the plane that took me to California. I have to knock three times on the outside of a plane before I go on them. It's a superstition I made up and now I'm stuck with it.

This is the airport. I like smaller airports more than bigger ones because they're far less stupido.

I noticed that the urinals in LA on an average are noticeably lower than the urinals in NYC. It's like all the urinals are like low or something. I peed in the one on the left.


A friend of a friend of mine works on the show Scrubs and I got a quickie tour of the set. The pictures are all blurry because I took them fast because I was embarrassed to be taking pictures. I wanted to seem cool and not seem all wowed excited to be on a set. Not sure what this room is. I really don't watch Scrubs which made the whole tour uncomfortable.

Here's a bedroom of some people on the show. BTW this show is filmed in a former hospital which is kinda coolio.

That's just a cardboard cutout of Zach Braniff. In some future episode he's gonna be in two places at once or something. Get it? Scoop!

This is some new set area because someone on the show went to go work at another hospital or something. Scoop!

This house fell down the hill during a mudslide and went smashdown.

I went to Zuma Beach with a friend of mine. Here's some baywatch guy who walked around yelling at people. I was embarrassed on the beach because I'm hairy. I felt weird with my shirt off but I toughed it out and took it off.

Ocean phlegm spaghetti spit up on shore.

These dudes were making a serious Skeletor Lair type sand situation. They seemed happy that I asked to take a picture.

Beaches are nice. People like beaches. I'm hairy.

I was in the Gap with a friend and I took a picture of this because I thought it was funny because it's underwear. I tried to be sneaky about taking the picture but when I turned around a gap employee gave me a stare and her mouth was turned downwards. I felt shame.

I met this dog at a wacky shopping place called The Grove. He's a 7 month old Irish wolfhound. He seemed real nice. Weird that he was giant sized and the same age as Roscoe.

I thought this was pretty cool looking so I clicked it.

Here's a duck and his evil twin shadow with a weird thing on his head. They live in Los Angeles.

This is where a very small bigfoot came running out of the brush at me and gave me a high-pitched whiny howl while standing on his tiptoes. Then he (maybe a she?) waved its arms around and stomped his feet. I dug in my bag for my camera and clicked just as he ran off into the darkness. You can kind of see him maybe. He was like 1 foot tall.

Me see cool tree on Mulholland Drive. See?

Then it was back on the plane to head back to NYC. I took a picture while in this tube thing and the person who walked up behind me looked at me weird like I was Al Qaeda or something.

Then I had to wait like a half-hour just to get a cab to take me home.

Sorry I didn't take more LA photos. I kept leaving my camera behind just to go around and do stuff or whatever.

So to make up for it (sorta or not) I took a bunch of pictures out the cab window on the way home!










ok bye!