So Roscoe has only growled at me once. I gave him a bone from a t-bone steak a while ago and it made him insane. He was so crazy over it that it started to freak me out. So after a while I went to take it away from him and he totally growled. I was like, 'Look at you! Being all animal-like!' Then I got sort of weirded out that I had an animal for a roommate. But glad he's not a growler... unless there's a good reason.

Anyway, yesterday I'm on the computer and I hear this low growling noise. I look over at Roscoe and he's sort of staring toward my bedroom. Then he launched into berserk dog. Growling and barking. Tail between his legs. Going into the other room then like tentatively coming back in growling. I looked at where he was staring and basically he was staring at the wall and high up near the ceiling. I was like, 'What is it?' And he gave me a look like, 'You don't see it!??!' When I walked toward where he was barking he'd shy away.

There were no weird shadows. There was no dog barking outside. I walked to the space where he was barking at and stood there and told him to come over. He refused. I had a couple of his favorite treats on my computer table and put them on the floor. He wouldn't come get them. He just kept on with this low growly thing. Then his head sort of jerked to the side like he saw something move to the left fast. Then he stared for another second. Then whimpered. Then went with his tail between his legs to lie down in the bathroom by the toilet.

WTF?! What did he see?!

At first I was hoping that there was nothing there. And that he was just having a freak out. But then I realized if there was nothing there then he's just mental. And I decided I'd prefer him seeing a ghost than seeing nothing but something in his head. Somehow that was better.

Hopefully it was a one time thing. Today everything is fine.

ok bye!