Toilet Snuggler

My dog sleeps next to the toilet. Not sure why he likes sleeping next to the toilet but if I get up to pee during the night. There he is. Curled up next to the toilet. When I go home to my parents he sleeps next to the toilet there too. Wraps himself around it. He likes it. I keep the lid closed so there's not the added appeal of a water source. I guess he just likes it because it's cold. I figured once it got colder out he'd stop liking the toilet snuggle but he likes it as much as always. I thought about closing the door so he couldn't get to it. But I felt bad about doing that because he seems attached to it like a porcelain teddy bear.

Since the one time I got sloppy during the night and hit him with a shake (not that he cared) -I felt he should really have another place to sleep. There's plenty of other spots in my apartment to sleep! There's my bed (doesn't like it for more than 15 minutes.) The couch. (doesn't really like it) The bean bag chair (perfect! right?) Apparently not. He's a weirdo dog who doesn't like sleeping on furniture. He just likes the toilet when it comes to sleepytime. I walk in there at night and he looks like some sort of drunken frat boy after a rough night of beer funnels.

I've been thinking the problem might be that he needs a new 'spot'. His own place. And have been poking round the net for a dog bed. But I've held off because if he was the type of dog that needed a comfy soft place wouldn't he just pick one that's already here? The corner of the couch? The beanbag chair? My bed? Anywhere else? But it seems he has picked his spot. And that spot is right next to the toilet. Maybe I shouldn't care if he likes it.

Plus somehow I get the feeling if I buy a dog bed it will be sitting on the floor collecting dust while sheriff dopey dog snuggles up next to the toilet like it's a friggin friendly polar bear. Oh well. Weird dog. Dogs are weird.

ok bye!