Roscoe 911

I know people are probably tired of hearing bout my dopey dog but sometimes the dog is what's happening and what happened today happened so here's this:

This morning I walked to dog park with Roscoe. It was like 25 degrees outside and one of those days like, 'Man, having a dog sometimes isn't easy...' We get to dog park and a group of familiar dog park people are there. I know their dog's names better than I know their names. We stood around in the cold with coffee and talked or whatever.

Roscoe goes off running around like a nut and I'm sort of keeping an eye on him while chatting it up. All of a sudden Roscoe comes charging down the hill and a golden retriever running other way was headed straight for him. They played chicken and lost. They smashed into each other. And the retriever sort of landed full weight on Roscoe.

I've seen Roscoe take some real hits before. Crashing into a tree like dope. Being totally tackled by a big dog and rolled. Someone once opened a door into his head. He's been body slammed into the mud. Stepped on by people in bars. He ran into a bench once. But this time was different. He landed awkward. Sort of like in football when someone goes down and it seemed like a normal hit but in instant replay you see the leg bend weird. That's what happened to Roscoe.

He popped up and took a couple steps then whimpered and sat down. Then he took another step and sat down again. Then started hopping along with his back paw off the ground (sort of the first time I've really seen him lift his leg cause he pees like a girl) but anyway. He was hurt. I ran over to him and he acted like a baby and didn't want me to touch his leg. I held him tight and played pretend vet feeling along his leg bone to see if he done broke it or something. It seemed ok but he was in pain and walking with a big limp.

I decided to rush him to the vet to make sure he was ok. A nice guy in the park offered to drive us over. I scooped up Roscoe and carried him to the car. Roscoe sat on my lap in the front seat. When we got there I carried him into the vets office and told them what happened and we waited in the waiting room. When the doctor finally came out Roscoe popped up and walked pretty unlimpily into the exam room. I sort of was like, 'Hey! You're were just limping your ass off a minute ago! WTF! You're making me look bad!' At that point I felt like an overprotective parent. He seemed totally fine. Maybe I overreacted. The doctor checked him out and determined he sprained his ankle or something.

So Roscoe needs to take it easy for a few days and he'll be fine. When he gets up from a nap he's pretty limpy. We just got back from walking around and he's sort of gimpy on the stairs but doesn't seem to notice. So I guess everything is ok.

So that's the story with that there. We'll go back to dog park on Friday and maybe he'll watch where he's going mo bettah.

ok bye!