The Shower Drain Situation

So my dog is obsessed with the shower drain.

I have like a plastic stall shower and from day one he hated the shower drain. So he dug at it and dug at it until it eventually popped out and chewed it into oblivion.  It's apparently not about what's down in the pipe. It's just about the drain itself. He absolutely will not tolerate it being in the shower. I've bought a bunch of replacements and tried different things like taping it down with electric tape or gluing it down. But he'd keep digging at it and digging at it and popping it out and chewing it up. My last trip to the hardware store I was scoping out some megasuper glue but it was so super poisonous it didn't seem like a good idea.

Anyway, Roscoe won the war over the shower drain and I ended up buying a metal kitchen sink drain and every time I take a shower I put it in there. Right after I get out of the shower, the first thing Roscoe does is get the shower drain out of there asap. But its metal so he can't chew it up.

So usually my shower looks like this with no drain in there. I don't really mind. My only nightmare fear is seeing a big rat come out of there one day- other than that it doesn't bother me. Anyway, last night I went to take a shower and before I put the metal drain in I knocked my shower radio off the shelf and it broke open and the four C batteries spilled out and rolled around the shower floor. Before I could react fast enough one of the C batteries guhglunked right down the friggin drain.

Bye bye and uh oh spaghettio. I'm not sure how it can possibly come out of there but I get the feeling its a major problem. I mean do plumbing snakes have grabbers or whatever? How do you get to it? The drain isn't totally clogged or anything but I can see the battery acid eventually burning through the piping and then the problem because major. So I just called my landlord and let him know that I have a 'situation' up here and I hope he doesn't flip out when I tell him

But it's not my fault! It's my dopey dog's fault with his weirdo obsession with not having a friggin drain ontop of this thing! Dangnabit!!

ok bye!