Doggone Cab Ride

So the other day I went into the city with Roscoe. We went to the Washington Square dog park and had a good time. Because he can't go on the subway we have to take cabs back and forth. Most cabs won't pick up a dog so we have to wait till like 4 or 5 go by before one stops. Cabbies are nervous about taking dogs because dogs either shed all over, or pee, or poop, or go berserk in the back of their car.

We hop in the cab and the cabbie is mad at me right off the bat. He turns around and says, 'Do me a favor! If your dog makes mess. You clean it up, yes?' I was like, 'Absolutely.... but it definitely won't be a problem.' Roscoe is actually really good in cars and likes going for rides. It's only like a 10-15 minute ride so it was totally whatever.

Anyway, I start talking to the cabbie and asked him about some of his dog nightmare situations. He told me he once had a dog that 'took crap' in the back of his car and the owner just ditched it. And how the little ones pee. And another time a woman totally brushed her dog in the back of the car and there was fur everywhere. And she didn't clean it up at all. No wonder the guy was angry.

So I guess I started bragging a little about how Roscoe really likes the car and has never had a problem. I know Roscoe well enough to know he ain't pooping in the back of no car. He doesn't even have the balance for it. And Roscoe was playing along just sitting there looking out the window. I looked over at him all proud that he was being a good dog. After a bit, the cabbie's mood was all better because we bonded over the dog thing and he saw Roscoe was being good.  So he changed the subject to talk about something else. I felt happy that I helped his mood.

Then all of a sudden Roscoe makes the dreaded croaking noise. People who have dogs know that sound. It sounds like a frog croak. It means the dog is definitely gonna puke within like 10 seconds. I'm like, 'Stop the car! Stop the car!' Luckily we were pulling up to a light and he slammed on the brakes. I popped open the door and as soon as Roscoe's paws hit the street he puked up a big puke. Splut. Cars behind us at the light in both lanes who got the full display of seeing the dog puke actually launching out of his mouth. Gross.

I turned back and looked at the cabbie. All his face said was, 'That is 100% definitely the last time I take dog in cab...' I gave him his money and shut the door and he sped off. And I looked down at Roscoe who was all chipper now that he had a good puke and wonder if he puked on purpose for bragging...

ok bye!



PS I am aware this week may have been overly dog oriented.