Roscoe's Roof Ruckus

So I give Roscoe these chicken breast things as treats sometimes. They look like this:

I guess they seem healthy or whatever and he likes them.

Today we get back from walking around and I give him one and then I go in the other room and start working on the computer. About a minute later Roscoe comes rushing into the room freaking out totally. He's slapping at the side of his head and is sort of jumping around wild at the same time. Jumping like bronco-y. So I'm like, 'Jeezus! What! What! What the hell happened?!'

And he goes hopping off into the other room slapping at his head. I chase him down and grab him and I'm like, 'What?!!' I put my hand in his mouth to see if something was stuck but there was nothing in there. I let him go and he goes off slapping mental at his mouth and head again. It was so bad I thought he might be having a seizure or something. It was just bizarro. I chase him down again and fish around in his mouth again but he wouldn't stay still. I let him go. He went pawing at his mouth berserker style. I've never seen him so desperate.

Now I'm a little freaked out. I'm thinking he's gone mental or is having some sort of attack or or choking or ate Ajax or something. I chase him down and grab him by the collar. At this point he immediately kind of calmed down and looked at me with a look that said only one thing. "Help me, please! Now!"

I was really upset. I pull his jaws open and look in there. And I see... stuck on the roof of his mouth.... is the chicken thing. It was really wedged up there and stuck real good. So I poked my finger in there and was like 'Boink!' all simple-- knocked it down into his mouth. Problem solved.

Roscoe munched that thing super angrily after it came down like he was mad at it.... but had to eat it anyway... and was mad about that too.

Sometimes paws suck.... so does not knowing how to talk.

ok bye!