Pictures for the Week!

Ready... set....

Toot toot!


Today I wandered with Roscoe to Red Hook (sort of a few towns over from me in Brooklyn).

We passed by this cop standing guard a little too guardily in front of a place that didn't seem to need much guardage-ing.

And we passed by this nice city garden... I liked the windmill.

Here we are along Van Brunt... but wait... what's that off in the distance?

It's the Queen Mary II! The world's largest ocean liner! Docked here in Brooklyn!

Umm.... I'm sure its seen fancier ports... but it's a start. Go Brooklyn!

Hey! What are all those people standing on that dump next to the 'No Dumping' sign looking at?

Oh! It's Mayor Mike Bloomberg! Right over there talking to the cop! Hi Mayor Mike Bloomberg! Look Roscoe! Mayor Mike Bloomberg!

Oh yah? Where?

More Brooklynites checking it out das boot (except for that woman who's checking out das curb...)

Big ass boatage! Too bad we couldn't get any closer than this...

This guy was sort of in the way... and he had one of those.

Ok! Time to go! Gotta go home and give Roscoe his breakfast...

We crossed over the crossway over the BQE. Kind of like a modern day rope bridge...

Passed by this not so welcoming church...

And this kid... You do the math...

And then to get a cup of coffay where I saw today's papers side by side.

The Post and Daily News headline duel over a cat that was saved after being stuck in a wall for two weeks...

Winner? Daily News! (can you believe a "news"paper puts a "word" like "meowt" on their front page?)

That's it! Ok bye!