What's Going On?!

Hey! What's going on with me, you ask? Why do things seem sort of weird here lately? All semi-shadowy quiet and stuff? Am I a conspiracy nut now? Why is my grammar not good extra lateish? Have I gone loony? Where are the cartoons and games and stuff? Why does my tone sound weird? Why am I asking so many questions? Why aren't I answering any of them? How many questions am I going to ask? Is this the last one? Or is this one? Or the next? Is this annoying yet? Should I stop? Yes? Ok...

I just wanted to let you know that yes I am still here of course. And doing fine and aok. Roscoe is a good boy too. Things have been slow because I have been slow. After doing stuff for Motherload I took on one more project that has soaked up a bunch of months (more than I thought). It bothers me greatly that I can't talk about what I've been working on yet but unfortunately I can't. I like sharing so it's triply hard for me. It's not life changing. Or earth-quaking. I'm not married or rich or whatever. But it's kinda coolio thingee that I'm done doing! Very coolio! And afterwards, I'm not going anywhere but working on the site and catching up.  I'll blab all about it shortly. Promise. But its soaked up a decent amount of energy for a lazy person like me. Especially one that can't really do two things at once. That's why things may seem strangey. Apologies for the secrecyness.

So I just want y'all to know that anything I do and whatever I do- this website is the most important thing to me. It will always be here. That's why I don't freak out about down time. It's hard for me when I feel like I'm neglecting things or falling behind or whatever- but when I do stuff off site it is to pay my bills. I'm a real person. Freelance type projects is what keeps food in Roscoe's bowl. And if an opportunity comes along that's coolio...I sort of have to do it. Of course I feel blessed that I can make a living this way.

The good news is the 'mystery' project is almost done! Another week or two at the most. And then I plan to really catch up on everything I'm behind on. And things will return to "normal". MepWars will be done but probably into the summer. MepInvaders is off the ground. And Mepsteroids is also in the works. (Elf Up is in them but Mep has it in his contract that he gets top billing always forever).

Lots of things are in the air and I always feel like I'm keeping my neck just above water. But that's how I like it. The water's warm. And that's what I do...

So thank you for being patient with me and the site and for hanging in there and visiting. And please know if I ever seem 'pre-occupied'. It's not by choice. I'm just doing what I do so I keep doing what I done do best. And I do my best to do that.

Bestest of good vibes to y'all as always.

ok bye!