Roscoe's Bad Influence

So for the past couple of weeks Roscoe has sort of been acting up. Kind of out of character.

Like at the restaurant down the street where we can sit outside, he would never think to get up on his hind legs and go for food, but lately all of a sudden, there he'll go. Paws on the table! Going for food! I'll shove him off and tell him No! He's also been taking food off my kitchen table. The other day I had some rolls in a bag and while I was in the other room he snatched the bag off the table and ate two whole rolls before I caught him. He never did that before! So WTF?

I was sort of getting concerned. Was he getting jerky? I didn't know why all of a sudden he had a change of hearts about his doggie rights. What was causing Roscoe to act different? What was the bad influence? Then I realized what's caused the change.... Or maybe I should say who...