Humpity Hump Reversal

Let me start off by saying that although my dog is fluffy and stuff he is a tough dog. He's chased dobermans. He's mixed it up with pit bulls. He has an awesome wrestling style where he goes in shoulder first and gets under other dogs to flip them over. And once he gets them over he lets them know there's a reason they're on their back and they will be on their back again if they are still unclear of the reason. He's a fighter. That being said something happened this morning that wasn't so manly.

Ok. Roscoe has no nuts. He's been fixed. (It was a good call and anyone who is on the fence on this type of decision I say go ahead with it. It didn't change his personality at all). But it always surprises me when Roscoe tries to hump another dog. I'd think he'd have no interest. He doesn't do it that often and when he does try it's usually because he saw some other dog doing it and he gets all humpy himself too. But he seems like he's clueless as to why he's behind this other dog being all thrusty with no red rocket or nothing. It's a going through the motions thing-- or maybe just a game to him.

Occasionally other dogs try to hump Roscoe and he's very good at getting out of it. He drops his butt and does a spin move and skids out. And sometimes he will go after the humper dog to make it clear that he's not up for being the humpee. But today something new happened...

Roscoe was mixing it up with some sort of retriever dog. A girl dog. They were going at it wrestling around or whatever. There was a bunch of dog park people standing around watching the spectacle. It was a pretty even match. All of a sudden the girl dog spun Roscoe around and starting to umm... hump him. Like a guy dog would. Roscoe didn't even do his spin move to get out of it. She was going to town. Roscoe just stood there with his dopey tongue hanging out looking like he has a big smile on his face not even realizing he was being humiliated totally.

Dog park people got a big kick out of it. Making jokes about who's the man and stuff. This chick dog was having her way with Roscoe! I don't even know what you call that sexually! Whatever it was it wasn't umm... manly. Finally I broke it up and Roscoe went trotting off to go pick on some other dog to show how tough he is. I was like, "Dude, don't even bother. You just got humped... by a chick dog..."

ok bye!