Roscoe's Friday

So there's a doggie day care place right on my street but Roscoe can't really go there anymore. Too often Roscoe would get thrown in detention in the back in some cage because he is a "rabble-rouser". The place is all indoors and pretty small.  It's not that he was biting or fighting-- just way too much playing and jumping in a small space and it riles all the dogs up and then they get 15 dogs going mental because Roscoe started it. And he gets time-outs.

Recently I found another place with alot more space (indoor and outdoor) here in Brooklyn but it's pretty far away. He's been there a couple times but it's like two plus miles each way. Which means for me to bring Roscoe there I'd need to walk two miles in the morning then walk home. Then walk two miles to go pick him up then walk home. Or cab it which gets expensive. And I'm lazy. So that's sort of out.

But I decided that once a week Roscoe and I need a break from each other (we are together all day every day). He needs time with his friends and I need time to have the apartment to myself so I can clean up and go to the drug store or whatever. So I put Roscoe on a schedule with the new place. For now on every Friday Roscoe gets picked up in the dog van and gets taken to the doggie day care center. Today I knew they were going to show up around 8:30AM so I had to get Roscoe ready before the dog bus got here. I brushed Roscoe a little so he looked nice. Then packed a lunch for him with a treat. The woman called from downstairs and I brought Roscoe down to the van.

Roscoe was very excited about going on his adventure and was all bouncy. He happily jumped in the back in the cage back there. We said our goodbyes and the woman shut the door. I heard all Roscoe's dog friends barking inside the van and I watched them drive off. It felt a little weird. I was nervous about it. I hoped Roscoe would have a nice day and make friends. That he wouldn't cause trouble and be a rabble-rouser. I worried a little bit that the van was going to crash and flip over. And I wondered if Roscoe would miss me at all. (Like in a dog brain are they capable of thinking of things that aren't right in front of them? I realize he wouldn't forget who I am. But does he remember me when I'm not around? Like visually?)

Anyway, a little while ago they came back and dropped Roscoe off. I met them at the curb. Roscoe was happy to see me. I spoke with the lady about "how roscoe did". I found out that he made good friends with a cocker spaniel named Charlie and played with that one dog most of the day. And that he ignored some yappy puppy. And he got in a little scuffle with some dog but it was nothing serious. All things considered he did very well.

We headed inside I cooked him an egg and mixed it up in his dinner. He's a big fan of the eggy weggs. I got my apartment is all cleaned up and Roscoe is all tired out and sleeping over there konked.

It was good day all around.

ok bye!


Here's a song called Positive Vibrations by the Soft Boys.