My Dog Wife

So for the past month or so I've been sleeping on the couch alot. Not sure why. Maybe I've been mental or something. I usually watch TV before I go to sleep and for whatever reason I've been refusing to actually go to bed at bedtime. I just have my couch blanket and I fall asleep on the couch. Sometimes for the whole night. Other times I'll wake up in the middle of the night and go into bed.

Roscoe always sleeps in the bed now. He likes it extra because he loves looking out the window and he likes the breeze that comes in. Sometimes I leave the window open when it's cold out and sleep with my head away from the window so he gets his breeze. Anyway, it still grosses me out a little have him lying on my pillows and sheets (he pees on his paws sometimes and he's a friggin dirty dog who rolls around in dirt!). So we've set up a bed system.

We split the bed. I sleep by the wall and the blue pillow is the divider and Roscoe sleeps on his tiger blanket so the sheets stay clean. Seems to work out ok.

But I think lately Roscoe has been getting upset with me for sleeping on the couch so much. Because for the past week or so around 3AM if I'm still on the couch Roscoe will come over to the couch and start barking and doing whiny noises at me until I wake up. Then he'll stand there and stare at me. If I don't get off the couch he'll bark more. Totally like, 'Honey... come to bed.' Eventually, I'll gather up my pillow and shuffle off and climb in the bed (on my side)-- and he'll give me a lick and then go back on his side and go right back to sleep.

Yes it's all very adorable I know. Makes me sick too. Puke...

ok bye!