What Did I Do to Deserve That? (question answered)

OK I moved the original post because the postings below sort of set me straight and I feel like a jerk.

FYI the original post was me basically ranting about my dog friggin peed on my bed. I didn't understand why. I called him a dummy and a brat. But the postings here made me realize that he was probably left alone a little too long and had to pee really bad and didn't know where to do it or whatever.

I guess I ranted because: 1. I didn't really realize how long a stretch it was he was alone for (maybe not unusual for some dogs but unusual for him) and 2. I assumed he did it because he was mad at me for some dog reason.

I don't like feeling like a bad dog dad and I feel like even more of a jerk that I took it all personal when he really probably just had a problem.

When I went out I actually didn't think I'd be home so late.  I guess I was just angry because I really am very good to him and thought it was intentional for some crazy dog reason...

Sorry to Roscoe. (even though if there's next time... pee on the friggin floor like a normal dog!)

The original post is here. But I take it back. I'm allowed. It's my site! I can do what I want! I can even put a picture up of an angry baseball player for no reason too under where the typing goes on down there!