Dog Cavity and Magazine Mistrust

So two not so interesting things happened today so I've decided to mash them together into one not so interesting post! Excellent!

1. Roscoe has a cavity.

For the past few weeks Roscoe's breath hasn't been so great. To try and fix it, I've brushed his toofuses but brushing a dog's toofus ain't so easy. And I got him these chewy things that supposedly clear up bacteria or whatever and they seem to work but only temporarily. The bad breath kept coming back.

Anyway, I brought him in to the vet for a general checkup today and he sorta messed up his mutant toe (dog people know the mutant toe) and that's fine or whatever. But when the vet checked his toofuses she was semi-shocked. One of his back toofuses had a cavity! She showed it to me. I was like Ew! I asked her if my feeding the dog Fun Dip and Pixy Stix non-stop have anything to do with it. She said it might. Then she gave me a look to confirm I was joking. I delayed the confirmation for extra jokiness.

It sort of made sense for alot of recent things with Roscoe the last couple weeks. He's been turning down crunchy treats and chewys now and then. Sometimes he just stares at me like he's sad. I thought maybe he had Seasonal Affect Disorder or something but I was getting a little concerned. He seemed ok. Just not totally 100% happy. Like he's been trying to tell me something. I felt bad. Turns out he's probably in pain on his toofus! Yet another drawback dog-wise for not being able to talk. Stupid evolution.

It's apparently strange for a two year old dog to get a cavity but the toofus has gotta go. He might have started it chewing on a stick or something. So I made an appointment (the earliest opening they had was March 2nd. if Roscoe seems to be in alot of pain they'll do something to make it earlier) and they gotta knock him out with anesthesia and all that --which makes me a little nervous but his toofus will be yanked and he'll be all better.  And that's that there.

2. I don't trust magazine renewals anymore.

I get maybe 4 magazines. Entertainment Weekly, Time, New York, and Us Weekly (although I don't pay for that Us. it's an annual gift from my sister-in-law. swear. but i like it. so there.) But why does it feel like I'm in perpetual state of renewing my subscriptions?? It seems like I'm constantly being harassed with a 'Renew Now!' thing in the mail. Or something that threatens me with a better rate or whatever. Every time I get it I look at it these renewal things I'm like,... 'Didn't I just send them a check?' Why are they bothering me already? And if it's just to keep me way ahead of the the hell am I supposed to keep track of how many weeks I've paid for? It always seems like, 'Already?' with these direct mail thingees.

Something about it is feeling a little scammy. Like I'm being shortchanged on weeks or something like that. Even when I push it to the limit and I get a magazine wrapped in a, 'This is your last issue' cover-- I always feel like... really? Already? And if it really got to that point... how bout a calculator? or a phone shaped like a football? just for the effort...

ok bye!