Dog Dream Afternoon

Obviously I'm fascinated by my dopey dog. He makes me laugh pretty much every day. Sometimes hard. I think it's funny when thinks he has an idea when I know he doesn't have one. (I'm so much smarter than him!!)  Or when he acts like he knows something. Like all I have to do is talk in an excited voice and he gets excited. He doesn't know what he's excited about. No idea. He just knows if I'm excited he should be excited because something exciting might happen. I think that's funny. I think it's funny how he looks ashamed when pooping. I think it's funny how he slams on the brakes when we pass a store that gives dog treats --all stubborn and grumpy because he wants a treat.

Roscoe even cracks me up when he's asleep. Like this afternoon he was asleep under my desk and all of a sudden I hear this thump thump thumping of his tail on the floor. I look under the desk and he's totally asleep. He's dreaming. Something in the dream was making him happy or excited. He's wagging his tail like crazy. Other times he has exciting dreams and his paws will start moving around like he's sort of running or swimming (or flying?). And of course he gets nightmares once in a while where he'll start like yelping a little. I always wonder if I should wake him up. Like it might be bad if I snap him out of it. I usually wake him up quietly.

The thing that I wonder about is what the hell could he be dreaming about? Is he dreaming about something that happened to him and he's simply reliving it? Or is there a full-on dream going on in his dog head? An actual story? Does he hear words? Is it just images? Is it possible that he has an actual genuine imagination? Like when he has a nightmare... does he see a monster? When he's thump thump thumping all happy is he some dog king sitting on a throne watching a cat court jester do a dance? It's sad we'll never know until the Dreamscape machine gets invented. (stupid lazy scientists...)

What's the story with sleep dreams anyway? What are they again? Nobody knows yet? Still? Something is going on! Friggin dogs (who usually max out at one thought a day)... have em. They gotta be doing something... Or going somewhere...

ok bye!