Roscoe Cleptoe

So whenever I go into a store with Roscoe I'm always surprised that he seems to know that he's not allowed to take anything. Like at the pet store there are all sorts of goodies right at eye level for Roscoe. He'll sniff stuff but he'll never just grab something. Weird how dogs know what's not for them. Especially my dog who will desperately lunge to snatch a discarded chicken wing or old shrimp tail off the street like it's a McDonalds cheeseburger. Dogs just seem to know what's up for grabs and what's off limits that way.

That's why I was surprised that Roscoe stole something today. I was in the local bodega buying some stuff (including dates. i've been eating alot of dates lately. not sure why.) Anyway, I'm in this place all the time and down on the floor by the checkout counter is all this kiddie stuff. Little toys, card games, and one basket of rubber balls. Roscoe usually sniffs at that stuff. I bought my goodies and headed out the door. Roscoe seemed surprisingly 'pully' to get out of the store. He usually doesn't like leaving stores and makes half-hearted efforts to stay. But this time is was raring to go.

It's a couple blocks back to my place. Roscoe walked ahead of me all the way home. We get to my front door and I look down at him and he has this rubberball in his mouth! A blue ball with stars on it! I'm looking at him like, 'Where the hell did you get that...?' I knew it was from the bodega place. I stared at Roscoe.  He dropped the ball and looked up at me all shameful. He knew he did wrong! He doesn't even like balls! He never even chases them!

I was pretty surprised. He looked ashamed. I was like WTF, dude?! You steal shit now? On top of it, I get the dilemma of what to do about it. Like do I have to act like a parent? Do I drag his ass back to the store to return the ball? And have Roscoe apologize to the guy by doing sit and paw for him or something? Or do I just let it go...

I've decided to let Roscoe keep the ball and next time I'm in the store I'll tell the guy and pay for it. But of all the things to steal it was just weird for him to steal a ball. I figure if he was gonna be a thief he'd steal a bone or something from the pet store. But a rubberball with stars on it? And for him to carry it all the way home? Weird too. He's not a carrying kind of guy.

What kind of 'person' steals something they don't even want or need? Just to get a kick out of it? To see if they can get away with it ...for a rush?

Umm... A clepto? I'll have to keep my eye on him for now on so he doesn't turn into a full time criminal...

ok bye!