The (Not-So) Great Roscoe Debate

Ok. I'm going to Los Angeles for the month of July to try and be a movie star and do the chang chang with starlets. If that doesn't work out I'm at least am gonna try to get someone to overpay me to do something coolio or something--- which would be coolio. I swapped my apartment here in Brooklyn for someone's nice house in Culver City. They know I have a dog and they have a fenced in yard which is coolio for Roscoes. They're also letting me rent their car on the cheap which I'm psyched about.

Anyway again, the question that I go back and forth on is.... Should I fly Roscoe?

Before you say, 'Yes! Of course, dunce!!' Hear me out.

Here's the con situation:

- Roscoe is too big to fit under the seat so he'll have to get checked like luggage cargo.

- When you fly a dog in the summer time, there are no guarantees I will be on the same flight as Roscoe. The weather is a factor. If it's over 85 degrees they won't fly animals. And I can book his flight no sooner than one week in advance. I did book a night flight to be safe. But if I leave for LA before he does-- then I'd have to figure out how to get him to the airport if I'm not here. And totally trust that process. And pick him up on the other side.

- Roscoe has never been in a 'crate' (I just locked him in the kitchen as a puppy)--  and I'd have to start training him immediately to be in a crate for extended periods of time. I'd have to put yummy treats in there so he knows it's not bad-- but I'd also rock it and put a hairdryer next to it so he gets used to weird noises and bumps.

- Roscoe actually doesn't do that well when he's by himself in strange places. Recently I took him out to my brother's house and we locked him in a room (yes with food and water) for a couple hours when we went out to dinner. When we got back he threw up what looked like bile-- four or five times. (BTW my little niece slipped in and fell in the clear liquid puke...  post-bath time... my sis-in-law wernt thrilled.)

- Roscoe would also need to be flown home. A longer flight. Plus still deal with the travel restrictions on temperature. Same situation. What happens if there's a heat wave? We won't be able to go home?

- There are risks when flying pets. Although totally rare there are cases where they get lost like luggare-- or they can get sick and die.

Here's the pro situation:

- I'm staying in a place with a fenced in yard which would be super fun!

- I think Roscoe would have alot of fun in California dog parks and driving around in the car.

- He's my friend and we'd get to hang out and be together.

- RoscoeCam would have a Roscoe.

- Part of the whole plan of me going to LA involved him coming along.

- Chick magnet Roscoe.

- I'd save a chunk of money by keeping him with me.

Here's the other options:

- Although it's pricey I could board Roscoe for the month at his local place that he loves. Outdoor space and they have a pool in the summer.

- Dog camp. A friend of mine sent her dog upstate somewhere when she went away. It's a big farm where dogs sleep in a barn like barn dogs with other dogs and stuff. They post online videos too. Cheaper than the local place.

- Freeze Roscoe and thaw him out when I get home.

- BTW I can't drive cross country because I don't have a car.


I really do want Roscoe to come and I'm sure he'd be happy once he's there... but if anything happened to him obviously I would freak out. How could I relax on the place? Some dick at dog park said, 'I probably shouldn't tell you this buuuuut.... a friend of mine flew his dog and it was never the same again...' Thanks jerk. And Cesar Milan the Dog Whisperer guy said he's never flown a big dog. There are mixed reviews about it-- but most people who have flown dogs really have had no problems. But it is putting alot of trust in outside factors for my best friend.

So there it is. Yes, I know I'm being paranoid and that 99.9% mostly everything would be totally fine.

But now that paranoia has set in I'm starting to have doubts.

How bout a vote?

ok bye!