Flying Roscoe Final

So I'm heading to Los Angeles for the month of July and was considering flying Roscoe with me so we can be LA buddies but after researching and googling and paranoia-ing... I've decided to board him at his local doggie day care place (which has a big outdoor space and a plastic pool and friends). Here are the reasons:

1. It's only for a month. He'll be ok and I'll be ok-- although I'm sure I will have separation anxiety.

2. I spoke with my vet and she sort of made a face when I said I was going to fly Roscoe. She said she 'heard mixed reviews'. She said chances are he'll be totally fine but she's heard about cases of 'permanent personality shifts'. I didn't like the sound of that.

3. Flying Roscoe in the summer is a pain in the ass. If it's over 85 degrees outside Delta will not fly animals. So I cannot guarantee Roscoe will be on the same plane as me. If there is a heatwave I'd have to have a backup plan and put it into action the day I leave. This also will be the case when I fly home-- which would be even a bigger hassle. Basically if it's 95 degrees for a couple weeks I won't be able to fly home with Roscoe and I couldn't leave him there somewhere.

4. I'd really like to drive but if I'm going to drive across the country I don't want to just burn across going 85MPH on the highways (and back). I've never seen America so I'd like to take a few weeks and really travel around with Roscoe. This trip is on the agenda but I just can't do it now. Next year I say!

5. If you google around enough about anything--- you'll find stuff you don't want to see.

6. Dog Whisperer guy said he won't fly his big dogs as cargo.

7. Roscoe loves doggie day care and gets excited every Friday when he gets to go. He's slept over there before and he likes it. Plus I know the people there. There's someone there 24/7.

8. Roscoe does not do well when he is alone in strange places. He pukes. And the idea of having him banged around and traveling on a conveyor belt into a scary place just so he can be with me for a month seems selfish. And he's never been in a crate. His crate training took place locked in my kitchen.

9. If anything bad happened to him I would get some mental problems that I can't afford.

10. I think if Roscoe had a choice he'd choose to go to doggie day care.

So that's that with that. I know it's a bummer. I have a house with a yard out there for the month so it would be totally nice and there are coolio dog parks I hear. But I just can't do it right now. If it was the Fall I'd rethink things and really train him to be comfortable in a crate. But in the summer it doesn't seem like a great idea. If it was for a longer period of time maybe... but for 4 weeks. 30 Days. Nope.

I'll talk to the doggie day care place about taking pictures/video so I'll be able to post stuff while I'm out there. And I'll still have RoscoeCam while I'm out there but I'll just have to point it at squirrels or something. Thanks again for all the feedback and suggestions. I really do appreciate it totally.

The only alternative is if we can fly together in a corporate jet. Which I'd like to do. So if anyone out there is friends with a bored super richie and wants company on a trip with a cute dog and a goofball guy. We are available for that. I would serve drinks or do pole dances or whatever if I need to pay my way someway.

ok bye!