Why Dogs Are Dumb (or Smart)

So today I was walking around with Roscoe waiting for him to pee all over something-- turning up this block turning up that block whatever wandering around. And all of a sudden Roscoe slammed on the brakes and sat down in the middle of the sidewalk. I knew the look. The look of, 'Dad! I got an idea!!' (Which, frankly, I always find hard to believe). Roscoe all of a sudden decided he needed to be somewhere in particular. Like he just remembered he had a meeting or something.

I wasn't in a rush so I was like, 'Ok... let's see smart guy. Where do you want to go?' (Meanwhile, a couple people standing nearby saw Roscoe slam on the brakes and saw me stop in my tracks and change my direction--- because stupid dog wanted to go that way-- and probably concluded that I was a dog owner wimp-- which I was then I guess sort of depending how you look at it...)

Anyway, off we go walking in a direction I don't go that often and I started to wonder where exactly we were going.  I was like, "WTF? He seems so sure of himself..." We got to the corner and Roscoe made a hard left. Then we went two blocks and he made a right. At that point, I knew where we were headed. It was the only place on the block...

We were going to the vet. Why? Because the vet gives treats....

Roscoe apparently is able to completely block out the fact that the vet is where he's had needles jabbed in him, and had his balls cut off, and a tooth yanked out of his head, and when they took blood from him they needed three assistants to pin him down on the table while I tapped on his forehead to distract him as he hyperventilated and frothed. But all that gets totally shoved aside... Why? For a treat? A simple chomp chomp snacky snack? The equivalent of one pig in a blanket to us probably? Maybe?

So there's two ways of thinking about it I guess:

1. Roscoe is smart because he realized he didn't have to go to the vet and he could score a treat knowing that we didn't have an appointment.


2. He's completely able to erase all the bad stuff in his memory-- and override it with one good thought. And one clear goal.

One or the other.

Either way I have to admit I was impressed.

ok bye!