Willy the Goat

So over the weekend I went to a bbq at a friends place and they have a pet goat named Willy. They're renting a house down in Orange County but part of the deal is they have to keep the goat as a pet which is totally coolio. So in their backyard they have this goat. He has a small farmhouse with lots of hay and a big fenced in area to wander around.

I would like to have a pet goat too but I doubt my landlord would go for it. Nor would Roscoe go for it. Nor would it be great in my apartment because he'd probably eat the furniture and stuff.

Anyway, along with Willy they also have dogs-- but the dogs don't get along with the Willy so they can't play together.

We went out back and said hello to Willy.

This is Willy. He is a nice goat.

When Willy sees carrots and the whole world closes off. It is only Carrot World for Willy now.

"Carrots how I love thee." Willy thinks.

They're nice and cold. And crunchy. If sex was as good to people as carrots are to Willy-- nobody would go to work.

If you turn your back on Willy he butts you in the butt. Almost like saying, 'You can't give me carrots when your back is to me! Turn around, Carrot dispenser!'

Willy's eyes even have carrot shaped pupils so he can focus on carrots better. Goats are strange.

This dog is nice but he isn't goat friendly. He does not like Willy nor any other goats.

He's not sure why he doesn't like Willy. Goats just creep him out or something. Goats are almost like dogs but totally not almost like dogs at all. They're like dog mutants or something.

Dogs like carrots too though.

As far back as this dog can remember he hasn't been crazy about goats. Something in the eyes.

Willy doesn't care if dogs don't like him as long as Willy has his cold carrots to chomp chomp.

Chomp! Chomp!

The End!

Here is a quick video of Willy eating carrots! Look how superfast...

ok bye!


PS. Yes, I will try and do more interesting things this week then take a bunch of pictures of a nice goat.