The Poop to Chin Moment

Make a long story short.

I was walking with Roscoe.

He made a large soggy doody pile.

I picked it up with a doggie bag and tied it shut.

While walking toward a trash can I got on my cellphone.

I held the poop bag with the same hand holding the leash and the other hand held the phone.

We passed another dog who seemed friendly but went mental aggressive in a split second.

I yanked Roscoe back toward me and the poop bag swung up and hit me on the chin and lower lip. Splut.

I could feel the hot poop softness on my face. And remember clearly how it stuck there for a split second.

And how the quiet splut sound echoed in my ears. It all felt like it happened in slow motion.

Also on the yank, I dropped my phone and it exploded in pieces all over the sidewalk.

I picked up the phone and put it back together my chin tingling with disgusting.

I started wondering how 'thick' that plastic bag was. Could poop molecules get thru? Was my face completely covered in dog ecoli?

I felt like I had to keep my jaw frozen still. Like moving it would somehow further contamination.

I threw the bag away finally and walked in that stiff way like a little kid after he peed in his pants holding in a cry.

When I finally got home, I immediately stripped down and got in the shower.

I didn't even wait for the water to get warm.I had to get in immediately.

And I just scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed that area for 10 minutes straight.

It still feels a little weird.

Roscoe couldn't care less.

ok bye!