Hey Adobe! Fix Stupid Reader!

You know I was just surfing around and I clicked on a link to look at something and was pissed to see that it was a pdf. Gahh... No pdf!! I hate online pdf surprises! My computer starts rumbling around in it's brain to figure out what to do. Ten seconds later up comes the Adobe logo loading all sorts of whatevers. Then it asks me if I want to update the Reader which I don't because I don't want to deal with an upgrade just to see a webpage. A webpage I don't want to see. And upgrade? I don't understand how it can possibly do better than simply 'opening the document and showing me the words'. Oh! And I don't need to see your stupid logo every friggin time! Especially if it's about to open a 100 page document by accident! Let's save some time, huh?

So after a long load up the page appears and I immediately X close the page because I know I don't want to read a pdf. I just wanted to see a regular ol webpage! Without having to deal with a whole situation! Right now Reader is the biggest surfing slowdown out there! Get your crap together Adobe! And figure this shizzout! It's time for at least warning that I'm about to open a pdf or default some sort of HTML option into your stupid program!

Whatever. That's just what happened this morning and I woke up grumpy and took it out on Reader. Take that, faceless program!

BTW if you ever need to convert a word doc to pdf you can do that for free here.

ok bye!


PS. I can't stop listening to Flo Rida's Low for three days now...