My Subway Suggestion

So the other day I went to Subway for lunch. (I haven't been there in a while because I usually walk by with Roscoe but I saw a sad flyer nearby there about how someone got their dog stolen while it was leashed up outside a store--- it was a really sad missing dog poster--  and now I'm paranoid that someone is gonna steal Roscoe if I link him up outside Subway which would suck because if Roscoe got stolen I'd be that crazy guy in crocs walking up and down the street grumbling something about the subway calling out for 'mister'.)

Anyway, I usually get the same thing in Subway. My sandwich is a turkey with swiss on white bread with everything (including hot peppers) except pickles (I find them to be overpowering on a sandwich). Mustard and mayo. Oil and vinegar. Salt and pepper. The problem is I can never decide what size sandwich to get. The six-inch or the foot-long? The six inch always seems a little dinky. But the footlong makes me feel like I shouldn't be eating that much sandwich. I go six inch if I want to be healthy and good. Foot long if I want to be all like whatever with the dinky six-inch! Neither ever feel right though.

So here's the suggestion to you Subway people..... The 8-inch sandwich! Eight inch is perfect for me!! It would feel like I'm getting a little extra while not overdoing it totally! 8-inch is a normal sized sandwich! Plus, you can take the 4 inches left over from the roll and sell a 4-inch sandwich to the dieters and stuff! I'm sure there are people out there who would like a 4-incher!

That's it Subway! Go to it! Enough of all the fixings and the bbq this and that or value meals and the cheese steaky whateverness! Do as I say and you won't have to worry about thinking up new crap to sell! Just give the people what they want and you'll see people showing up more often!... at least I would....

ok bye!

PS. You might be thinking, 'Duh, Todd! Like I'm sure they never thought of that before...' You never know tho. Companies are usually stupid and can't see the obvious...