Cutters Vs' Waiters

So anyway or whatever, the other day I was driving a car and my exit was coming up next. I could see there was a good amount of traffic backed up to get off the exit. A long line of cars were waiting in the right lane slowly moving along. I went up a little ways then cut in when there was a gap. The traffic was moving even slower than I thought which pissed me off. And what pissed me off double or triple was the people flying along in the middle lane and doing that move where they cut in at the last second and get off the exit. And while sitting there for 15 minutes watching them pass me and getting off the exit-- I was totally torn on how I felt about how I handled the situation.

The pros:

I guess I was a better person for acting the way everyone would act in an ideal world.

I didn't piss anyone off by doing the cut in move and avoided a potential road rage situation.

I felt a certain camaraderie with me fellow 'waiters' + I wasn't in a rush.

The cons:

I sat in traffic for an extra 15 minutes while dickheads laughed their asses off at the "suckers" waiting in line.

I had to do that risky tailgate bumper-to-bumper thing as I moseyed off the exit to prevent a cutter from cutting me. Screw that!

I probably was more road rage angry when I got off the exit than I would have been if I cut.

I dunno. I think the cutting move is really reserved for dicks only. And I'm not a dick. But I gotta admit I was jealous of the cutters. They got 15 minutes of free time by doing one dicky move and went on their dicky dick way-- while I sat there feeling douchy.

There's a side of me that feels like if the middle lane maneuver is being totally used and abused-- that all us nice guy waiters should just clog up and use that lane too so the dickheads and waiters will all have to wait in order. Basically own their move and evening the score. But of course if you're on a three-lane highway... the dicks will just cut in from the fast lane-- totally not caring that they're completely stopping traffic totally. Because they're dicks.

ok bye!