Pictures for the Week

Hey! I took a whole bunch of pictures and here they are!

I always am proud of plants that can grow out of weird places...

Here's a view of one of the 'Waterfalls'. This one under the Brooklyn Bridge. Apparently the waterfall river mist is killing the trees-- they say...

Another one of the waterfalls. Plus a barge. Plus Lady Liberty. Plus a helicopter. Plus a roof. Plus a haze.

Not sure if I saw this dog wandering around on his own I'd try and grab him by the neck for the $200...

This thing would be much more approachable for me...

Not sure if they're going about this right.

I think I got to this nice giveaway a little late...

The Seamonster's Kitchen.

I used to eat at this place. Now I'm retro-grossed out. Not totally surprised tho. The place seemed understaffed always.

Charming. Your mother would be so proud.

The New Yankee Stadium. Getting close to looking finished. Too bad it got tainted by that jerky Boston guy who planted crap in it.

If this rule was really enforced I'd guess the stadium would be half-full all the time. I wonder how that sign came to being necessary.
Like one day did some drunk guy argue, 'Let me innn I ain't see no sign that say I can'ted be drunked! Shows me the sign, frucker!'

This was from the Yankee Game where I had the awesome seats. That Royals dude came by to sign autographs and take pictures...

I was yelling, "Hey! Mr. Madonna! And Mr. Mariah! Ha ha! You suck! Nice pajamas! In your face! You both suck! Sign my wang! Make a fart! Make one like this...!" Then I made fart noises and called them 'Butter Boys' and yelled they should be embarrassed to be St. Louis Padres. Then I made more fart noises until someone dumped a beer on me.

This is the auditorium at that FlashForward conference place. That's not me but I had to do like that. Went aok!

That's the hotel they put me up at! Sweet! I totally jumped on the bed and stuff...

Driving over the Golden Gate bridge. Kind of weird with the foggy mcfogerty...

I probably should have been paying attention to the road instead of messing around with my camera.

Tunnel driving in a zipcar heading out to Sonoma...

Car crash rubberneck no-look picture. Probably rude of me but they seemed ok.

Wine country! Sort of coolio with the grapes and the space and the land and stuff.
My vineyard wouldn't be so organized. It would be all overgrown and taken over by rabbits and I'd be drunk all day.

Not sure what that tear in the fabric of reality is up there but the barrels were coolio...

Back home! Machine standing proudly in front of his work...

This metal spider thing was emerging out of the ground while I was walking by. Glad it was caged. I didn't make eye contact and kept walking.

All these chairs were like on the ground all normal. Then I turned around for a second and when I looked back they were like that...

Oh yeah?! Really! Say that to some dead guy covered in blood!... ummm no wait...


The Love Boat docked off the coast of Red Hook.

Dog guarding the roof. He barked at me and Roscoe like, 'You better not be thinking about coming up on my roof I tells ya!'

That's it!

ok bye!












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