November 01 2010

Monitor Blew Out (+emails)

Friggin pissed!

My flatscreen monitor which is not even three years old bit the dust over the weekend! Total one big dead pixel! It’s been flaking for a few weeks and now it’s donezo! Not only am I mad because I have to buy a whole new monitor but this morning I had to drag my old hunking 500lb CRT monitor out from the hallway and hook it up! Broke my back! And I can barely see what I’m typing because the last drivers were from like 2003 like Windows ME or some crap and everything is washed out and the contrast is like burning by eyes out! I’ve been planning to throw away this megafat old monitor for years but some hoarder voice in the back of my head has been all, ‘Don’t throw it out! You might neeeed it one day… You never know!’ I’m like, ‘Shut up, McHoarder! There’s no way I’ll need this monitor ever again!’ (but I did! and that totally reinforces my mild hoarder tendency! Dangnambit!)

PLUS, I got reminded of my brazilliant idea years ago of writing all my “important numbers” in magic marker directly on the monitor because ‘What do I care if it looks like crap?! It’s MY monitor! And I’m tired of looking for numbers on postit notes or whatever!’– but that was a horrible mistake look at this thing!

Ew! It’s all covered in crap like my efax number or Roscoe’s vet’s number or like my skymiles number or reminders like ‘HIT SAVE’ to remind me to save my work. Plus I actually glued something to it at some point! In the upper left corner. See that there? Yeah, that’s old dried up glue. Also I got all sorts of unknown anagrammatical stupidness. Upper corner says never forget ‘NWWFEDI!!’ What? What is that? Why did my monitor break?! Stupid Samsung! Stupid crap products! I have a toaster in my kitchen from the 1758 and it still works fine but a monitor craps out after 2-3 years?! WTF! Anyway, I gotta get my act together this morning and start researching new monitoring.

Btw Hope y’all had a happy halloween!

If you wanna read some emails though you can click below. Or if you’re super happy with your monitor please post make an model below (dont post an active www link tho bc it’ll mark as spam and not post)



Debit cards are just what they sound like debit cards—they debit the cash right out of your account. Now, with changes in the law they are not allowed to let you overdraft your account unless you have a line of credit(always a bad idea because if you lose your card they are no longer limited to just the money in the account they can run that line of credit up—same thing with using you savings as overdraft for your checking. Now the thief is not limited to your checking accounting he can empty your savings to(savings what’s that? I know!!!). The evil banks and the evil stores are in an evil fight for your soul ok not really they are in an evil fight over money. Have you ever wondered why banks run commercials and push you to “sign” for your transactions? If you go to your local drug store and get something and use your debit card you now have 2 options: 1. Push credit and sign the receipt for the merchandise. 2. Push debit and enter your pin. NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS THEY COME OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT AT THE SAME TIME. Disclaimer if you use it at a gas station they usually just go out and do a $1.00 transaction for a pay at the pump credit so you may get a 24 hour break there(but only pay at the pump credit ONLY). Every vendor pays a flat fee every month to have that machine in their shop and then they pay a per transaction fee. Here’s the fun part. If a customer pushes credit and signs for it the vendor has to pay all of that fee. If the customer presses debit the vendor AND your bank split that fee 50/50. So, if you want to help you local businesses save a little on their bottom line and make those bank fat cats hurt a little always use debit—enter your pin. I hope this helps. If you have any questions or concerns let me know and I’ll be happy to help if I can.

Good Vibes.

Subject: Internetstalgia!
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2010 11:59:27 -0500

Todd, You probably have already thought of this…If you put your videos and games on the iPhone as apps, you would be a millionaire. I have been reading up on Objective-C – the language that iPhone apps are written in. If I could see the code that you use, I would try to do it for you and you can pay me what you think I’m worth. Anyway, it’s just an idea or a thought.

Subject: movie script
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2010 11:23:27 -0500

Good luck with the movie script, tOdd! I can wait a loooong time for tunes if I know this is in the works for you.

If you hate zombies in your zombie movie, but love asses, this is the movie for you!

Subject: the richard bey show
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2010 14:19:50 -0400

hi Todd,

I was looking on the internet for the Richard Bey show “biker women vs prissy women” and your page came up. I was also on that same show and my friend was the one with the tattoos and bike that you had mentioned, lol I don’t know how long ago you wrote that article or if you ever found the tape of the show, but I thought if you were interested, I have a VHS tape of the show. I just don’t know how to get it onto the internet, lol but if you would like to make a copy of it, you are more than welcome 🙂

Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2010 04:46:27 -0400
Subject: todd, want half life 2: episode 1 free?

Hey todd,

I know you liked HL2 so I was wondering if you would like HL2: Episode 1, which is like the first (single player) ‘expansion’ to the game. Theres also Episode 2.

I can give it to you for free on your steam account if you dont already have it cause I got it as like a ‘gift’ thing. Let me know if you are interested. I think you just gotta like gimme your steam username or whatever and I can send it to you, but i’d only recommend it if you liked the single player storyline of HL2 (which was like way good).

Subject: guest review: SAW3D
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2010 15:42:10 -0400

Hi Todd…here is a guest review for your consideration. Please give a quick check for typos…
Mike A
2 cookays for most of us, 3 cookays for “Saw-Fanatics” (or those who loved the first and hated all or most sequels since)

First of all; I’ll ask you to think back all the way to the first “SAW” : how cool it was; how insane it seemed….two men wake up in a locked; abandoned and demolished-looking room; some sort of industrial bathroom. As their secrets are revealed so is the reason for the title: the two men are chained to the walls, and the provided SAW blades won’t cut the extra-thick chains, but will cut through flesh and bone. And (without spoiling things) it had one of the coolest twist endings in recent memory.

If you are a SAW-fanatic you likely followed the busy, convoluted, & blurry “back-story” developed through the sequels. Otherwise, the franchise probably started to fail for you as it did for me, I don’t even know if I viewed them all, but rented enough on DVD to know that the quality had gone down, and the back-story became less and less interesting.

However; this version finally brings the quality level back up—not quite to the first installment; but better than the sequels upon sequels that tortured the viewers almost as much as the movie-victims. Torture that is if you looked for anything intelligible beyond what new, neat traps the film-makers would dream up for the annual “halloween-timed” release..

This one also is a 3D movie; which is why we chose to give it a shot over Paranormal Activity 2. Not sure yet if we made a wise decion (till we see P.A.#2). My girlfriend and I are kind of 3D fans, and will go to a film if we just feel like getting the visual-experience. Problem with this movie is the 3D seems to “fade” by the halfway point to where it seems almost non-existent. Is that me getting used to it; or how they choose to make the film? Either way; I think they should use the effects well enough that I shouldn’t BE ABLE to get used to the 3D. So I’m going to blame that one on them.

Loved seeing some of my favourite Canadian actors in this film (all but the first have been shot in Toronto, just a couple hours from where we live in Ontario, Canada). Heck; the only good part of the previous “sequel” (#6) was seeing a pal of mine who scored the role of “the smoking janitor”.

All in all, it is worth seeing if you liked the first “SAW”, worth seeing if you can handle gory stuff, and of course it will be worth your time if you’re one of those who has enjoyed the entire series. Probably not really worth the extra dough as the 3D factor fades; and if you don’t like horror, don’t like medium-to-low budget films, or don’t like the SAW franchise, then there is no reason to watch.

This latest film does one good thing: it sort of wraps up all the weird; hard to follow plot strings and takes us back to that bathroom with the chains and the hacksaw for a visit….so it kind of brings us full circle.
For people like me who LOVED the first one and pretty much got dissapointed with all that followed…this one offers a bit of redemption for the series.

Cannot quite recommend; but will offer this review and let you decide what category you fit in.

3 good things about this movie:
*a cut above the other sloppy sequels
*I like the actress who played the “Public Relations Hack” (she’s done some hilarious commercials in Canada)
*The doctor (Cary Elwys) returns in a cameo; helping that whole “full-circle” thing

3 bad things about this movie
*still a little convoluted
*3D wears away after a while
*they’re saying it’s the final installment; but I fear they’re lying.


Z says:

Sorry to hear about your monitor, tOdd. Hope you find a good new one to buy. This is the problem with everything being made in China nowadays: no good quality.


Anonymous says:

Samsung is made in South Korea.Korea

WTF?!?!?!?!?! says:

Couple thoughts here:

“Dried glue”?!?!? Ummmm…. OK!!! If you say so…

Throw this POS out the window like you did with your AC.

The Amish are making better computers than overseas these days. Old- world craftsmanship and all.

First bitches, die weeze die, etc. Now that that’s out of the way, everybody play nice.

Goats says:

I just threw my monitor away that was like that, aside from the writing on it.

Anonymous says:

Just get a monitor cheap off of craiglist.

Anonymous says:

Or maybe try craigslist if you have to. Ooops.

Jim M says:

Try Your order will come within 3 days and you get a good price and service.

I have been using an ACER 1917 LCD monitor for 3 years now with no problems. Got it at

It’s always something.

Good Luck 🙂

stef says:

my monitor is NEC and it’s been stellar since I got it… 3 or 4 years ago? it was about 150 bucks. I hadn’t really heard of the company before but I was just checking out their website and they have $50,000 monitors available so I’m guessing they’re pretty legit.

Luke says:

Acer x233H is what I am using now. Three of them, actually. One has a single dead pixel, but it took me a couple weeks to even notice it. I think they’re solid.

R N says:

Todd, I have three words to express your situation: Made in China.

Does have deals on LCD monitors? I don’t know. Check it out to be sure.

Sorry that you’re pissed. I had a sorta different scenario that happened to me last year; only it was my power supply.

Whheezer says:


Jimb says:

You don’t have an Apple all in one? Are you nuts?

Jane says:

I feel like I’m going to see this monitor on Antiques Roadshow when I’m 90. And it will be all, “the cartoonist’s original handwriting as analyzed by the Smithsonian” etc. etc. Valued at 40 million dollars. Betcha then you’ll be sorry you threw it out.

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