December 15 2018

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Hey Todd,
You’ve been kinda enough to share my weirdo pop tunes/videos in the past… THANKS AGAIN!!! I just did a fun jingle/video dedicated to my love of the MANGROOMER electric back shaver (yes,it’s a real product!). Please check it out and considering sharing the video with your audience!

Thanks for your consideration and have a GREAT Christmas!!!




And first, bitches. Suck my head, weeze, you waste of space.

Anonymous says:

Music has a good beat but you can’t dance to it. Kinda dark at the end.

Jodi says:

You’re the one with the brinas here. I’m watching for your posts.

Anonymous says:


Anonymous says:


A/G says:

That was so boring!

G/A says:

said every women that has had the misfortune to sleep with you.

Moomatz says:

Todd, there’s a reason I’ve been coming to your site every day for 10 years. Continue and grow.

Anonymous says:

Suck it weeze suck it dry you sick piece of shit

Zippy says:

That wuz kewl

the REAL weeze says:


Medusa says:

Sorry 6th in line for defeat!!!!!! You lose yet again.
Go back to class and leave us grown ups alone if you please!

The Dude says:

How bout you just make some Laid Off cartoons?

Marylada says:

AFAICT you’ve covered all the bases with this ansewr!

Champ says:

Haha. I woke up down today. You’ve ceeherd me up!

Squirrelman Jones says:

You planning on paying him a couple grand for his time? If not STFU and go take a nap.

Christina says:

I thank you hmulby for sharing your wisdom JJWY

Nook says:

Keep these aitrcles coming as they’ve opened many new doors for me.

Johnelle says:

IMHO you’ve got the right awnser!

Opinions says:

I understand that what Bin Laden did was horribly wrong. He isn’t god and no one else can be god, but why is it okay for American forces to kill innocent folks from across the globe by the thousands possibly millions when going after the enemy? Americans don’t mourn for them so where is the justice their? So from what I see is as long as Americans don’t get harm by any country out there is fine but when it comes to killing outside of USA its considered Collateral Damage and not Mass Murderer. Like Bin Laden, Timothy Mcveigh, etc……

Blaze says:

Ppl like you get all the brinas. I just get to say thanks for he answer.

Eloise says:

IJWTS wow! Why can’t I think of thnigs like that?

Guest says:

Welcome to the real world. Sounds like you just got here. If you are looking for logical behavior in humans, you are going to be disappointed.

I says:

hahaha well put

FPM says:

Now I’ve seen a lot of bullshit. Angel dust. Switchblades. Sexually perverse photography exibits involving tennis rackets. But this. This is the greatest thing ever.

Donny says:

perhaps you should do new posts instead of change the same one so each morning video can have a fresh comment space?

Arwen says:

Very sweet…except the end

Anonymous says:

That was gross. Good thing I wasn’t drinking coffe.

Medusa says:

Cute as hell, CATS RULE!
and thank you tOdd for the birthday wishes, smooch on the cheek!

Satan says:

I wish I could snatch weezes heart out of his chest and show it to him in an ancient Egyptian ritual that takes place on tuesday nights at my fake pyramid under the streets of old London.

Satan says:

And by the way FPM if you are going to copy paste the same dumb ass comment everyday, you can suck it too you fkin peen jockey!

yellowdog says:

Love the toon!

tainted says:

haha i know your not like technically “unemployed” now but i found it a little ironic that you, odd todd, creator of laid off toons, blow the interview app, etc made the job interview tips video…a little funny/ironic. was a good toon, though. i especially liked that cooking series you did awhile ago. science ones were great too. i hope you continue to get work from news places and stuff!

MsM says:

Tune was cute, posted “IBHH” montage was not cute. & too long. Make a NEW comment section.

Guest says:

How about instead you just accept the site the way it is and stop telling Todd how to run it.

Mattingly says:

More posts of this quality. Not the usual c***, pselae

Alex Bohs says:

Thanks so much for featuring my little film on your kickass site, sir! MUCH APPRECIATED! So honored! Keep up the great work! Diggin’ this site! 🙂

-Alex (Director of “Half”)

Christy says:

I’m not easily imrpessed. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂

Foge says:

That’s way more cleevr than I was expecting. Thanks!

Donny says:

what is with the muted color filters of the youth’s productions lately? i would like saturation to return. it’s like we are watching super 8 films from the 70’s that were stored in a hot outdoor shed exposed to rats and mildew.

Down With the Real Weeze says:

The Real Weeze, when are you going to get it in that simple mind of yours that nobody likes you. You are a turd that is sticking up the site. We don’t care if you are first, second, whatever. Grow up, get an education, get a girlfriend and LEAVE US SANE PEOPLE ALONE!!

Rico Suave' says:

Ummm wtf?

R$N says:

Hmmm….I always thought the World Wide Web began in early 1994.

PajNter says:

Jesus he does look like howard s.!!

willwillwill says:

why for all the commie bashing?

Anonymous says:

Wasn’t the whole point of the missile to blow shit up? Why did it miss the target?

Matty N. says:

I’m not a fan of all this off topic stuff, but I guess that’s life.
As far as the film goes, I think it’s cool. As a musician myself, it really demonstrates how all of us are percussionists in daily life, whether we know it or not.

Barfing says:

What a dumb fucking commercial. Marketing has gotten a hell of a lot classier.

postal says:

I’ve got fairies in my backyard…

Anonymous says:

Dude, seriously, thanks for the piano and rain. awesome.

Buffuk says:

Yet here you are…

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